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About us:

Mid-Atlantic Bamboo (MAB) is a commercial bamboo nursery. MAB started growing bamboo in 1980 with a single grove of Phyllostachys aurea. From that start MAB now has over 90 varieties and has created a business out of our obsession with this most unique and wonderful plant. If you ever have a concern, question, or problem with any of our products, procedures, or policies, please discuss them with us. If at all possible, we will do whatever is necessary to resolve the matter to your satisfaction. We want and need your business and will appreciate each and every purchase.



We do our best to maintain our groves to try to produce shipping sizes; however, bamboo has a mind of its own and wants to produce custom size plants (plants too large to ship by UPS). 

After placing your order online, should the selected size and variety be unavailable we will contact you to determine which of the following options you would like to pursue:

  1. Go up to the next size
  2. Go down to the previous size
  3. Cancel the order with a full refund

You may also call or email us and ask to be put on our waiting list. We will notify you when the plant is available and if you are still interested, you can place your order then. Orders that are guaranteed with a credit card are filled first in the order received. After those orders are filled, we notify those on the waiting list in the order received and, if you are still interested, fill your order. 

If the variety and size need to be dug, we require 3-8 weeks to dig and stabilize the plant before shipping.


Bamboo size:

We sell our plants based on a letter code rather than a gallon size. We have found that gallon sizes do not relate too well to the nursery industry's pot sizes, but as a guide you can use the following as a general reference.

"A" size (tiny): approximately 1 gallon (up to 18" tall, 6 to 8" root ball weighing 4 to 12 pounds)
"B" size (good): approximately 2 gallon (up to 36" tall, 8" to 10" root ball weighing 8 to 25 pounds)
"C" size (better): approximately 3 gallon (C59 up to 8' tall--C80 can be taller, 10" to 12" root ball weighing up to 50 lbs)
"D" size (best): approximately 5 gallon (6' to 12' tall, 12 to 14" root ball weighing up to 70 pounds - may have to be cut back to 6' for shipping)

Our C and D size plants would normally be considered field specimens by many; however, we consider our custom-dug divisions as our field specimens. Our custom-dug plants start at 10 feet tall and go up to 50 feet. All custom plants have to be quoted per plant and start at $130 and go up depending on the variety and size.

Our recommendation for the best dollar value:
- Most ground cover and small bamboo - select A or B size.
- For the taller bamboos with UPS shipping - select the C Size.
- D size is the best when you pick up or have the bamboo delivered.

Cancellations and refunds:

Cancellation of our standard sizes; A, B, C and D made prior to packaging will be refunded in full. For cancellations after packaging there is a $10 per plant handling fee, all remaining amount will be refunded.

For cancellation of custom dug orders: there is no refund for any plants already dug, any bamboo that has not been dug will be refunded in full. Any consultation fees will still apply with no refund. For Bamboo Experience plants, there is no refund, but we will provide a replacement at a 65% discount (plus any applicable taxes and shipping).

We do our best to select and ship the healthiest plants possible. We offer a 90 day guarantee and will offer a refund or replacement (at our discretion).



On large orders it may be advisable to pick up your plants here or have them delivered as opposed to shipping.
We can currently deliver up to 55 A size, 35 B size, 15 C size, and 10 D size plants. All custom size plants and quantities above these must be picked up, shipped by UPS, or dedicated freight.

Our delivery charge for the quantities above: $2.50 per loaded mile (one way mileage). There is an additional $125.00 charge for each overnight stay required for the delivery (both ways). An overnight stay is usually required for each 400 miles.

Custom-dug orders, depending on size and quantity, can be picked up, delivered by us, or shipped by dedicated freight. 


Local sales and tours:

We are open 7 days a week by appointment. E-mail or call us to arrange for a visit. The appointment is to make sure we are here which we usually are unless we are out bambooing.

For tours, we charge $25 for an individual, $30 for a couple, and $40 for families. The tour fee will be applied to any purchase made.

For purchases, we have some varieties in various sizes potted for immediate pickup. We also custom dig field specimens based on your requirements. If possible, we will dig and bag your selections on the day of your visit. If your order is too large or we are prevented from digging because of weather, we will set a date when you can pick up your order. Prices on custom-dug specimens vary based on the size, number of culms, root ball, and overall quality but will be quoted before digging. Local prices are the same as our mail order prices for our A through D size plants. However, often we have bamboos that are potted but do not meet the requirements for shipping, example: we may have a "D" size plant with a custom size root ball that is too large to ship; in this case we sell the plant at the "D" price but you get a custom size root ball.
We also offer our "Bamboo Experience" where you tour the groves, pick your plants, dig your plants, and take your plants home with you the same day. The Bamboo Experience also provides a 20% discount on plant prices. 


Recommendations and descriptions:

All growth ratings are estimates and should be used only as a guide as each bamboo will perform differently based on local growing conditions. Our recommendations are only broad general guidelines for your use in investigating what bamboo might meet your needs. All information is collected from many sources as well as personal observations. Any information provided by Mid-Atlantic Bamboo, on this web site, on the phone or in person, may not be accurate and in some cases cannot be verified. You should keep this in mind when evaluating any of the information you are given.


In the event we do not have your selections in stock, we will be glad to refer you to a grower that we feel will provide you good plants with reliable service.

Sales tax:

We are required to collect sales tax on all local retail sales and mail order sales to Virginia residents. The current rate is 5.3 percent before adding shipping cost.


We use UPS ground for shipping bamboo, charging the UPS rates for your zone rounded up to the nearest $5 increment. Upon receiving your order we will send you an acknowledgment with the estimated shipping date. Once shipped, we will notify you of the actual date shipped. We try to ship on Monday or Tuesday so you will have your plants by the weekend. If we have the variety you select potted, we will ship the first Monday after receipt of your order. If we have to dig your order, it will take 3 to 4 weeks to ship. This allows us time to dig, if necessary, and stabilize the plant to the new root size.


Privacy and Terms of Service:

Please see our checkout page for our privacy and terms of service.